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Friday, June 18, 2021

The biggest news about starting offline schools in Gujarat

  The biggest news about starting offline schools in Gujarat

Offline education may also be introduced in the near future as corona is declining in Gujarat and public life is slowly becoming normal. Which was discussed at the cabinet meeting.

Latest update ⤵️⤵️⤵️

Government consideration to start school

Consider starting school by August

The declining case is being considered by the government

In the cabinet meeting held under the chairmanship of CM Rupani, there was a serious discussion about starting education work in the schools of Gujarat.

Source:- VTV NEWS

A decision can be taken in the next 2 months

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Sources also said that the state government is in a positive mood to start schools as Korona's case is declining and a decision has been taken to start school work in the next two months. It was also discussed in today's meeting that guidelines for starting offline educational work would also be prepared.

Corona status in Gujarat

The state has registered 135 new cases in the last 24 hours while the recovery rate of the state has reached 98.15 per cent as 612 patients have contracted the virus. 3 patients have died in the last 24 hours in the state.

An overview of the Corona situation in the state

In Gujarat, the number of active cases has come down to 5159 due to the declining number of cases of corona virus, out of which 86 patients are on ventilators. The total death toll due to Corona virus in the state has reached 10037.

The highest number of cases in Ahmedabad

Out of 135 cases in Gujarat, the highest number of cases have been reported in Ahmedabad city, 30 in Ahmedabad city and 14 in Surat city. 10 cases have been reported in Rajkot city while 8 cases have been reported in Vadodara city.

Night curfew times can also be reduced

Corona cases have been steadily declining in the state. Due to this, many economic activities are being relaxed by the state government. The traders of Vadodara then demanded a reduction in the time of night curfew. The traders said that if the night curfew was reduced, it would be a relief for them to resume their business. It is to be mentioned that the business employment of traders has been severely affected due to Corona for a long time.

Corona status in the country

Although the second wave of corona in India is weakening, India has reached the second position in the world in terms of transition after the United States. The number of transitions in India has crossed 3 crores. And 1 crore cases of transition have been reported in the last 50 days.

In which 50 lakh cases have been reported in the last 36 days alone. India also has the second highest number of deaths from corona. 3.9 lakh people have died in the country so far. While 2.33 lakh people have died in the country during the second wave.


Old news🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻

The schools will start only after this work is done, the central government has shown what the next plan is

While restrictions have been reduced in several states, some people are wondering when schools will start in the country.

Another wave of corona virus in India

Exemption found in many rules as the case decreases

The government is not yet considering the issue of starting schools

There has been a decline in coronavirus cases over the past few days. While restrictions have been reduced in several states, some people are wondering when schools will start in the country.

When will schools start?

The schools have been informed by the government. Policy Commission doctor VK Pol said board exams at the national and state levels have also been canceled, adding that the idea of ​​starting schools due to the corona virus would only be considered once more teachers had been vaccinated. Apart from this, the impact of Corona virus on children and the information about it will be considered after starting schools.

The government is vigilant so that what happened abroad does not happen in India

VK Paul said the time to start schools should come soon but we need to keep an eye on how schools were started abroad and then the cases of Corona virus started growing and then it was time to close schools again. We do not want to put our children and teachers in such a situation.

Why doesn't the government want to take a risk?

Another important point to note is that a recent study by the WHO and AIIMS found that antibodies were also found in children younger than 18 years of age. Dr Paul said having antibodies does not mean schools should be opened and there is no need for social distance. The virus is changing its form and needs to be kept in mind. Today the children have survived the corona but what if it becomes more contagious tomorrow?


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