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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Download Usful Std. 3 to 8 Swadhyay Pothi (New) now for Students free


Download Usful Std. 3 to 8 Swadhyay Pothi (New) now for Students free

The batsman has fun when he gets an extra run without doing anything. The bowler is disappointed, ‘Why can’t I maintain line and length?’ When this wide ball falls, the umpiras have to stretch their arms and the bowler has to go to the run-up and get ready to bowl one more ball in the over. But did you know that at the 1999 Cricket World Cup, a British company called 'Sporting Index', which specializes in sports spreads betting on every wide, shed tears of blood. Every Way M's Hai was beaten as if all the injustice in the world was happening to him.

What is Sports Spreads Betting?

Before I tell you about the whole event, you need to have a brief idea about sports spreads betting. How does it work and how do people lose or earn money? Well, let's say the total number of runs that Virat Kohli will score in 5 matches in the ongoing India-England ODI series is 320-370. Punter Buy (buys) 370 runs. That means they invest in Kohli's 370+ runs. Punter sells 320 runs. That means they are betting that Kohli will score less than 320 runs. The company has many such deals and if Kohli runs between 320 and 370, then they feel like a jackpot. Overall the company is less likely to lose money, while the household is more likely to lose outright.

Estimated wide around 250

In 1999, when the World Cup was being played in England after 16 years, the Sporting Index estimated the width at around 250 in the tournament. A total of 42 matches were to be played and the company was running at an average of 5-7 wides per match, keeping in mind the previous records. Just as we gave the example of total runs in a series like Kohli's case, the Sporting Index gave a spread of 244-247 throughout the World Cup.

Kookaburra was replaced by Dukes Ball

Before the tournament, it was decided that the matches would be played by Dukes Ball instead of Kookaburra. "The ball will behave the same way in all matches," said British Cricket Balls Ltd, the manufacturer.

250+ w in the first 10 matches only

The World Cup kicked off on 14 May 1999 with an England-Sri Lanka match. A total of 21 wickets fell in the first match. Everyone felt bad bowling. This was a one-off match, in all the matches the teams will bowl a little without such discipline? Well, that's what happened. The 9th match of the tournament was between India and Pakistan, in which a total of 55 wickets fell! The 10th match was between Pakistan and Scotland, in which 50 overs fell even though 90 overs were not lost. 250+ w in the first 10 matches only. The name of the spreader of 244-247 wide Ram in the 42 match tournament is Satya Hai.

Match record at highest wide

The 1999 World Cup was the only tournament in which the Dukes ball was used. The ball was swinging a lot in England's helpful condition. The bowlers could not control the ball. The match was recorded at the highest wide in the tournament. In the 1999 World Cup, there were 20.05 wickets per match. Second on the list is the 2015 World Cup with 13.94 wides per match.

Loss of more than 50 3.50 lakh

Where the Sporting Index had a spreader of 244-247 w, the tournament fell almost 4 times ... 979 w. The Sporting Index lost more than 50 3.50 million overall.

ધોરણ ૩ થી ૮ માટે ની સ્વાધ્યાયપોથી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહી ક્લિક કરો



Swadhyaypothi  PDF Std 3 to  8

Guessing in cricket is harmful

From this story, we learn that it is wrong to talk about guessing in cricket when the guess of the batting company mey be so wrong. In the recent limited overs, India last the toss in three consecutive matches (2 T-20 and 1 ODI) under the slogan 'Win the toss, field, win the match' and scored the winning hat trick by defending the target in all the three matches. Condition and external factor are part of the game, not the impact. Sometimes the impact is such that England fall into a tournamant 4 times wider than the average per ODI. But in the end, victory or defeat is decided on the basis of skill and guessing cannot be a skill! Don't you understand

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