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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi.

Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi.

Rite of fasting: On the seventh day of Shravan Vad, lucky women perform this fast. The fasting person should get up early in the morning, take a bath with cold water, and eat cold all day long. Do not light stoves on this day. To light a lamp and tell the story of a smallpox mother. This vow brings wealth, children, and good fortune.

Vrat Katha: Derani-Jethani lived with her mother-in-law in a village. In the house of the two daughters-in-law, there was a son given by God. The big bride was jealous, while the little one was very kind, naive and loving. many apps also avail in our site.

Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi

Once in the month of Shravan, the day of Ranghanchhatta came. The mother-in-law made the younger sister-in-law cook. The little one was cooking until midnight. That is why the boy lying on the bed started crying. So, leaving everything to work, Vahu took the boy and lay down for a while and fell asleep due to exhaustion. The stove was burning. After midnight we went for a walk in the cold. They came to the house of the little bride and began to roar in the stove. But what is this? The body of smallpox began to feel cold instead of cold. They were burnt all over. So he cursed the little girl to burn your stomach as my body burned.

Waking up in the morning, Vahu saw that the stove was burning and the boy lying on the sidewalk was dead. His whole body was burnt.

Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi

The little bride began to cry. He realized that the smallpox mother must have cursed him. She went to her crying mother-in-law and talked all over. Satsuma consoled her and said that she would go to her mother and pray that everything would be all right. The baby was put in a basket and a small one came out. Along the way, he saw two ponds. Both the ponds were full of water but no one drank from it. Whatever PA he was dying for.

Seeing the younger sister-in-law, Talavadi said, “Sister, where are you going?”
The little daughter-in-law said, “I am going to the smallpox mother to get rid of the curse.”

The Talawadis said, “Sister, what sin have we committed that someone dies while drinking our water?” Come ask for the curse of our curse.

The little bride moved on from there. On the way, she met two bulls. A layer of bells hung from their necks and the two fought. Seeing the younger sister, the two bulls asked, “Sister, where are you going?”

Bahu said that I am going to get rid of my curse.

The bulls said, “What sin have we committed? We are fighting for eternity. You should ask for the removal of our curse.”

The little one went too far. A little farther on he saw a Doshima sitting under a Bordi tree scratching his hair.

Seeing her sister-in-law, Doshima said, “Sister, my head is very itchy. Just look at you.”

The bride was crushed. Although she was in a hurry, she put her son in Doshima’s lap and sat down to gamble.

After a while, Doshima’s itching disappeared. Blessing Bahu, he said, “As my head is shaken, so is your belly.” The boy in Doshima’s lap was resurrected. Very surprised. She learns that this Doshima is none other than Shitalamata. So she fell at his feet.

Vahu asked for the curse of the Talavadis. Shitla’s mother said that in the pre-birth, these two lakes were sad and used to fight every day. Do not give vegetables or buttermilk to anyone and if you give it, add water. So no one drinks its water. But if you drink their water, their sins will be destroyed. Vahu then asked about the bull curse. In his reply, he said in Shitala that both of them were cousins. They were so jealous that they would not let anyone down. So in this birth, both of them have become bulls and they have a bell ring in their gaya. If you leave the ring of this bell, then their sins will be removed.

The little bride was happy, took the smallpox blessing and took the boy back. Along the way he met those bulls. Vahu dropped the khanti layer from his head. They stopped fighting. He came near the ponds and drank a lot of water to get rid of his curse. Then everyone started drinking his water. When he got home, he talked to Sasuma. His sister-in-law was jealous of him.

When Radhan Chhath came in the second Shravan month, it occurred to Jethani that I should do the same as Derani. That’s why smallpox mother gives me darshan. She kept the stove burning that night. At dusk, the smallpox came to the house of the elder sister-in-law and started roaring in the stove. So his body was burnt. He cursed that his stomach should burn like my body.

When Jethani woke up in the morning, she saw that the boy had died in Ghodia. Instead of being saddened by the incident, Jethani was happy and she too, like Derani, took the boy in her basket and ran away.

On the way Talawadi asked where does the sister go?

Jethani grimaced and said, “Do you have a panchayat?” Not seeing that my son is dead and I am going to meet the smallpox mother. Talavadis said that one of our sisters should come to work. But Jethani immediately refused. Next he met two bulls. So Jethani also refused to do her job to the bulls. The smallpox mother was scratching her head in the form of Doshima under the tree ahead.

He asked to see the head of this Jethani. He refused angrily and said I am new to scratching your head? Don’t look, my son is dead. Jethani wandered all day but she did not find her smallpox mother anywhere. So she came home crying. Hey, fruit all those who have grown up like a mother with smallpox.

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