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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Vegetable puzzle


Vegetable puzzle

Green vegetables and fresh fruits are an integral part of our diet, today we are telling an essay on vegetables or vegetables. In this essay, speech, speech, paragraph article, we will know that what is a vegetable, we will get detailed information about its meaning, medicinal properties, uses etc. So let's start reading this short essay.

For good health and well-being, it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of fruits and green vegetables in the diet. Vegetable is called that part of a plant, which is cooked on the flame and used for food. Farmers (gardeners) grow them in their fields and after ripening they sell them in the market by handcarts or sell them to the wholesalers of vegetables in the market.

Our country is self-sufficient in the matter of vegetables. There is a large production of vegetables in each state, which are transported to each other place by transport as per the requirement. Most of the vegetables are consumed in the form of food only after cooking, while some are eaten in raw form by making salad. The properties of all vegetables are different, it also works as a medicine in the treatment of many diseases.

The importance of vegetables in life can be understood from this that without it, the kitchen is like a car without wheels, we often eat cabbage, tomato, potato, red and green chili, okra, onion, bitter gourd, spinach, fenugreek, cucumber etc. It is used in abundance, it is grown in the fields according to the seasons. A total of 80 varieties of vegetables are grown all over the world, most of which are also produced in our country.

Vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers are prominent among the nutrients found in vegetables. Their use in limited quantities is considered beneficial for health. Children, old people, women, men, students, patients, athletes all should consume vegetables regularly. They help in staying healthy physically and mentally.

Importance of Green Vegetables

Vegetables are important for the balanced growth and health of the body, in which the nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the body are found in abundance. Spinach, Totakura, Gongura, Fenugreek, Drumstick leaves and Mint can be eaten without cooking, vegetables should be kept on fire for less time because the properties of Vitamin C are destroyed by cooking in excess.

Leafy vegetables are rich in iron, it is considered good nutrition for pregnant women, the problem of anemia can be dealt with by regular consumption of leafy vegetables. In India, the problem of blindness is common in young children, due to the deficiency of vitamin A. If vegetables are consumed regularly, then carotene element is found in vegetables which can eliminate the problem of blindness.

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There is a standard level of nutrition of green vegetables according to which we should consume it, 100 grams for women, 50 grams for men, 50 grams of vegetables per day is sufficient for school going children and also for UKG LKG children. Uncontrolled use in excess of this can be harmful to health.

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