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Thursday, June 22, 2023




Hello friends everyday my blog will give you latest information about education changes and educational current affairs. is provide very useful information in in primary education of Gujarat. Everyday the new changes and updates are going on our education very high. So so please visit everyday my blog and update it yourself. blog each and every day upload the information of primary education. The messages and the links are very useful for primary teachers. This block is made for your work in your class is very smoothly and save your. My block is made for primary teachers of Gujarat. My blog is very simple and useful for all teachers. I glayed that this result sheet uploaded in my blog so you you everyday visited my I block and make ok you update for new incoming changes in primary education. Everyday update new news messages and new upcoming changes in primary education so everyday visit my blog and update yourself this result sheet is very very effective and easily made your work for final year exam result. So share my my blog link and this result link in your friends and your school friends so they a work in in result and save much of time of himself. This result sheet is made for half yearly exam and final exam. This result is make a marksheet for your each of student so you last at the last time print the marksheet and sign of the principal and you gave the students. Your and your school impression give bi this results is very e good and your impression of work for parents appreciate for your work. Thanks for visiting my blog.please download the result sheet and make your work is very useful and save your much of time thank you

SEM - 1 પ્રથમ સત્ર

Important links for PDF FILE

SEM - 2

Prarthana Pothi

DOWNLOAD : Prarthana Ank

DOWNLOAD : Yog Kriyao

DOWNLOAD : Prarthana Sangrah

DOWNLOAD : Prarthana Aayojan

DOWNLOAD : Prarthana Pothi 2

DOWNLOAD : Prarthana-Dhun-Balgeet

Trusted by English Learners and Industry Experts

- Honorable Mention in the AI and Data category of Fast Company's 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards

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- Mentioned by TechCrunch, Forbes, Mashable, VentureBeat, Yahoo, Salma Hayek, and more

DOWNLOAD : Bhajana Vali

DOWNLOAD : Dhun pdf

DOWNLOAD : Bhajanavali 2

Discover Your Speaking Proficiency and Score!

- Take a speech test that’s written by world-class experts and receive a detailed report of your pronunciation strengths and weaknesses. Learning a new language is easy if you know what to focus on.

DOWNLOAD : 365 Suvichar

DOWNLOAD : Suvichar Mala

DOWNLOAD : Ukhana Sangrah

DOWNLOAD : Ukhana Sangrah 2

Become Bilingual Quickly

- Learn English with an AI speech coach. Our AI will select the best bite-sized lessons to help you sound like a native speaker.

- Practice from over 1,600 lessons covering all English sounds and over 40 topics ranging from travel tips to job interviews for you to explore.

DOWNLOAD : Balgeet

DOWNLOAD : Balgeet 2

DOWNLOAD : Balgeet 3

DOWNLOAD : Balgeet 4

DOWNLOAD : Balgeet 6

- Use ELSA’s English Dictionary to look up words and practice speaking them. You’ll be able to see how you compare to a native speaker and receive feedback to improve. 

DOWNLOAD : Jan-Gan-Man song

DOWNLOAD : Vande Matram Geet

DOWNLOAD : Desh bhakti Geet

DOWNLOAD : Pratigya patra

DOWNLOAD : Bal-Pustika

Improve Quickly with Speaking Challenges!

- Practice English with fun language games that cover core English skills like pronunciation, word stress, rhythm, intonation, listening, and conversation.

DOWNLOAD : Prakruti Geet

DOWNLOAD : Prani Geet

DOWNLOAD : Pakshi Geet

DOWNLOAD : Rutu Geet

DOWNLOAD : Vaahan Geet

DOWNLOAD : Alak Malak Geet

DOWNLOAD : Dhingali Geet

DOWNLOAD : Abhilasha Geet

- After you speak a phrase, within seconds you’ll be able to (1) compare your voice to a native speaker, (2) receive instruction on how to correct yourself, (3) get feedback on other sounds via IPA through the Advanced Feedback feature, and (4) watch a video that shows you how to produce those challenging sounds

DOWNLOAD : Gujarat Quiz

DOWNLOAD : Gujarat Quiz Praveshika

DOWNLOAD : 4000 Questions

DOWNLOAD : Gujarati Quiz

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