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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Navi shixan niti antargat ek lavya karykram ma shixako ne jodava babat.

 Navi shixanniti antargat ek lavya karykram ma shixako ne jodava babat.

Matter of involving teachers in a single program under the new education policy 2020. Reference: MoE, Government of India DO.No.1-4 / 2021 - IS.8 dated 23-09-2021 Compliments on the above subject and reference Emphasizes development. In an effort towards this vision, the 'Eklavya' series is being launched by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in collaboration with IIT Gandhinagar. Eklavya is an online interactive educational program covering a variety of activities, projects and models. Which helps in developing a conceptual understanding of the subject matter. In addition, thought provoking questions and assignments that inspire the development of free thinking, creativity and inspiring DIY (Do It Yourself) project videos using local content. This series will help equip teachers and students with the scientific nature and abilities.


Teachers and students will be able to participate in the 'Eklavya' program as per the following instructions: Therefore, all students can register to take advantage of this opportunity. 2. If teachers under 'Eklavya' category successfully complete this course by submitting homework, it will be considered equivalent to 30 hours of training program for teacher capacity building. 3. Those who want to get the certificate voluntarily after completing the course can get the certificate by paying the prescribed fee. 4. This program will be helpful for good performance under PISA when the state of Gujarat is also going to participate under the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment). 5. Url for registration: 6. Going to the above link will open the registration form, a copy of which is sent along with this. 7. Teacher's code (according to Attendance and Teacher Portal) should be written in place of the teacher's name in the First Name field as shown in the accompanying registration form and UDISE code of the school (11 Digit) should be written in the School / College field instead of the school name. Therefore, the math-science teachers of all the schools under your jurisdiction are asked to make appropriate commands and reviews from your level to ensure that they participate in the above program.

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