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Friday, December 17, 2021




Mission Schools of Excellence-1) List of schools selected for the first year 2) Schools
Congratulations to you and your team for the tireless efforts you and your district team have made to improve the quality of education. You are well aware that schools should be made competitively and structurally superior and maximum improvement in educational quality.
Will provide supportThis will be responsible for the overall success of the E program at the taluka level in coordination with TPEO and ADE) in selected schools BRC or TFEC or ADEI FRI SAT
 Ensure that the process is monitored to ensure quality implementation of the SAT assessment
 Gad will coordinate with the lecturer to ensure educational assistance to the selected schools of the taluka
 – The monthly progress of the taluka should be presented in the review meeting organized by DPEO
 The BRC will visit selected schools at least once a week to review progress and plan the next steps to improve overall performance.
Mission Schools of Excellence have been conducted in the state for the holistic development of children through excellent and quality education. His research has been discussed with the district level and selected schools in the near future
The goal is to make these schools schools of excellence. Attached is a list of selected schools in your district for the first phase.
 This includes details of the work to be done under the Mission Schools of Excellence, helpful roles and the goals that the schools have to achieve, with a view to ensuring that the necessary planning and implementation is carried out within the time frame.
1) Goals to become a School of Excellence
 These 26 shortlisted schools will now work towards becoming Schools of Excellence in the next 100 days. School, Cluster, Block and District Level Officers
With that in mind schools are expected to work to build schools of excellence.
 – Students receive standardized study findings

All students acquire basic reading, grammar and arithmetic skills * All schools receive Green Star under the Flower Accreditation Program
 • Adequate physical and digital infrastructure available in schools
 This shortlisted school will work to achieve the goals set out here in the next 100 days.  The school will be provided with continuous monitoring and tendering support to achieve this goal.  After 100 days, schools will be awarded School of Excellence Certificate under three different categories by evaluating their performance.
 School of Excellence Merit Certificate60% -70% GURS corresponding to more lending than thatThe study captures conclusionsAt least 50 children40% of the standard up-to-date study results are obtained from all children or cellsReceives the measure of son in schoolsAccording toThere are features.StructuredSchool of Excellence Distinction CertificateAchieve 40% of the corresponding study findings
 Scale of 50 in And B schoolsAccording to the structure
 All baby.  Skills Why don’t all children measure skills in schools
 There are features.  Green 2 in schools 50A
Observing the classroom and teaching the teachers accordingly to the head teachers – to improve the teaching processes
 Will provide information to review the progress of education results and forward with CR according to the needs of schools
 Plan the steps. Discuss with the CRC on the learning needs of the teacher training needs to discuss and plan accordingly.
 Will organize training as per the emerging need of teachers of selected schools of assigned taluka TFES / ADEI selected to ensure quality implementation of ZA evaluation process
 50 schools will oversee the evaluation process
 Accompany the DEO during school visits as well as follow up support to the school as per their instructions.

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