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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Download Lord Shiva Alphabet For All Shivbhakt andLovers OF shiva

Download Lord Shiva Alphabet For All Shivbhakt andLovers OF shiva

Download Lord Shiva Alphabet For All Shivbhakt andLovers OF shiva: Thus Lord Shankara appeared from the fire pillar (linga) to punish Lord Brahma and cut off the mouth from which Brahma spoke untruth. Then Lord Brahma and Vishnu worshiped Shiva.Considering the best day and night of all days, it was named Mahashivaratri. Thus the festival of Mahashivaratri is a festival of adoration and worship of Shiva for Shiva devotees.

Mahashivaratri means Mahashivaratri practicing yoga of Jiva and Shiva. The glory of Lord Shankara is Anero and Adkero. Lord Shankara, who is pleased with Sattvik Sahaj Bhakti, is Mahapralayakari. Are the coordinators of the creatures of the universe.

Lord Shankara did not fail to examine Bhritahari, the author of Vairagdhay Shatak. King Bhrituhari became a fakir to Sarvasva Thyagi. The saints became, abandoning one thing after another. But Lord Shankara stayed away as long as Vairagdaya’s pride remained.
As long as the devotee is proud of his devotion, devotion, worship and devotion to Lord Shiva are not acceptable and that is the eternal law of the universe.

The holy festival is the auspicious occasion of Mahashivaratri
On this day of Mahashivaratri Parva, all these Shivlings on earth have a portion of Rudra. Mahadev Shiva is the presiding deity of all the planets, the destroyer of evil. Mahadev is the presiding deity of mother Mahalakshmi. Therefore, on Mahashivaratri, Shiva Pujan is offered along with Ayushya.
Poverty yoga of birth planets removes Shiva worship on Shivaratri. On this festival day all the deities are in the presence of Mahadev in Kailas. Therefore, on this day, the holocaust recitation of Maharudra bears the fruit of Somayagna.

Thus Mahashivaratri festival has aneru and adakeru mahatmaya for the devotees of Lord Shiva. The sound of Har Har Mahadev will resound in Shivalayas all over India …

‘Jai Bholenath …. Jai Ho Prabhu …
Sabse jagat mein uncha hai tu … ‘
Bring home any of these 8 things on Shivratri, will become all spoiled work

Bhasma- Bhasma (ash) is one of the most beloved things of Lord Shiva. At the time of Shravan, it should be placed in the temple of the house with Shivamurti.

Rudraksha – The origin of Rudraksha is considered to be the tears of Lord Shiva. There are many benefits to having it in the head room of the house.

Gangajal- Lord Shiva placed Ganga in his jata, due to which keeping Ganga water in the kitchen of the house makes the house prosperous.
Silver or copper trident – Installation of silver or copper trident in the hall of the house does not have any negative effect on the house.

Tanna Na Lota filled with water – In the part of the house where the member spends most of his time, filling the copper Lota with water always creates love and trust in the house.

Damru – Having a damru in a child’s room does not affect the children in any way. And he succeeds in every task.
Silver or copper nandi- the way it is important to keep a silver cow in the house. In the same way silver or copper nandi should be kept in a cupboard or safe in which money-jewelery is kept.

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