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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Puzzel time

 The answer is to calculate in your mind without the help of a pen or a calculator.


Add 40 to 1000.

 Add another 1000.

 Now add 30.

 Add 1000 more.

 Now add 20.

 Add another 1000.

Now add 10.

 What is the total?

In a cricket match, Sri Lanka scored 50 runs and India scored 19 runs. How many more runs are needed for India to win? To win, India needs to be made. India needs 236 minus 130 to win.  That is, we estimate how many runs India will need to win to increase it by 2 acres, then India wins, we need to guess the highest number of runs and not less than 200, we have to decide if we will teach the children, if we do, we should leave 236  6 123 means how many runs will be needed or 3 runs are needed to win. 130 is made now. How many runs will you need to subtract?  Will need more so can say now will come down here the boys are playing number number wicket player and that is playing baby that has been the last player and it's been three years from the first one we have this way  Learning is given here that we are ahead  Let's try to find out for yourself now. Gita had 608 368 rupees in her stomach. She bought a book for 123 rupees. Now how much money is in her pocket?

If we take it down to 100 minus 23 3, there will still be 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 ak5 of children. In the same way, two out of six go and only one out of three, that is, more than 300 in two years, we subtracted and saw that 364130 books were made.  In the same way now we will look ahead. In the same way, if I go somewhere in the map, out of five-six, 8 out of 6, 2004, and out of the three, which is next to it, when we do our calculation, we should see that the decrease and decrease should go down and  The place of gold goes wrong and in this way we will learn that we are going to talk about what we are going to subtract. Let's go to the next example. You can help. That is to ask a question. We have to find the answer to the question and send some of its items to the market.  Buy a laundry powder in Sharifa 127 for Rs. 245. If the shopkeeper returns Rs. 98 98, it is shown as equal to Rs. 98. Let's give it back till it falls to Rs. 98. It is correct that it is wrong or missing.  If we calculate the price of powder from the money that gives 3 mm, we get the answer  So we're going to answer this way. We understand that to talk out of five 217 fives, we have to do ten-point or 10 plus five-five-fifteen.  If we look at it, if it is made out of five fifteen fifteen, then in 12 runs, 4 ૯ 10 11 12 15 18 and 16, in how many years, if only two out of 8 thousand three go, then one and one out of two, then one, here we saw that you must have seen me here.  So if a large number is given, then one of the two things happens when there is nothing to hide next, so let's get the understanding that nothing has been subtracted in the place of gold and how we talked about a large number from a small number here.

The answer is to calculate in your mind without the help of a pen or a calculator.

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