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Thursday, May 19, 2022

The country has the highest temperature in the world, the hottest in the area's history since 2013.

 The country has the highest temperature in the world, the hottest in the area's history since 2013

The scorching heat in India is causing black fever, but the highest temperature in the world was recorded at a place called Deathville in North America on July 10, 2013 at 56.7 degrees, which is why this place is still considered to be the hottest place on earth. Death Valley's record temperature was measured at Death Valley's Greenland Ranch. July 8-14, 2013 was the hottest spell in Deathville's history with 130 degrees Fahrenheit for three days in a row.

The rocks here get heated while the heat returns to the atmosphere

Even at night, the temperature in Death Valley ranges from 30 to 35 degrees. While the average daytime temperature is 46 to 48 degrees Celsius, despite the scorching heat, the rainfall is less than 3 inches. However, Deathville was flooded in 2004 with a record 6.4 inches of rain. As a result, the national park had to be closed for 9 days, introducing different species of organisms. Death Valley's Winter and Spring are very pleasant.

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Death Valley's sap and depth are also responsible for the high temperatures. When the stones here get heated and the heat is released back into the atmosphere, it feels like burning in a kiln. Second, this place in California is 282 feet below sea level.

When a thousand feet the temperature drops by 3 to 5 Fahrenheit. The Death Valley Desert in California is one of the hottest places in North America. Due to the constant hot weather here, it is difficult to make a living.

નવા નિયમ / ખર્ચાપાણીમાં થશે વધારો! 1 જૂનથી બદલાઈ જશે આ 5 નિયમો, તમારા ખિસ્સાને પડશે માર

Is Al Azizia in the Libyan desert hot at 58 degrees?

However, for years it was believed that the highest temperature in the world was 58 degrees on September 13, 1922 at a place called Al Azizia in the desert region of Libya. Records of this were also found, but the World Meteorological Organization, in a recent study, did not recognize it until recently.

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ગુજરાતી માં અહીંથી વાંચો

Because at that time the equipment, convenience and knowledge to measure the temperature was also less. Secondly, Death Valley has the highest temperature in the world, which is not true after looking at its records as it is located in the desert.

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