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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Prepare a wedding kankotri now in a mobile only in a Gujarati language.

Prepare a wedding kankotri now in a mobile only in a Gujarati language.

Before a reforming other people, we have to the  think about our improvement in a first. Before a expecting sweet behavior from a others, we have to keep our behavior sweet. Sometimes our own a behavior becomes so inferior and the  indecent.

We make fun of others' weaknesses and the  weaknesses. They also become absolutely in a fiery. Sometimes we have a considered how many defects - badness, and lust are filled even within our own - it is a different matter.

There is not a single person in this world who is a completely good or a bad. According to the situation, a bad image keeps appearing. If we  are continue to see a evil, lack, or a harm in a others, then life will be not take a any time to become hell. Remember, if you want to the improve someone in the world, only a improve yourself.

It is not a necessary to always have a dear moments in a life, that we should get a favorable behavior of the other people. Humiliation, mourning, disconnection, loss, failure etc. all the situations come and go. No body in the world can be a survive these variations.

Getting a upset about a little thing, getting a frustrated, crying, getting excited, coming into a state of the anger and the  saying no to the unworthy and doing it to the inescapable, all these are the symptoms of the man's inner weakness, weakness, inertia. . We need to the increase our mental strength.

In the most difficult in a situation, one has to take a decisions judiciously and the  patiently.

The words and actions are performed in a excitement and the anger worsen in the situation. Therefore, make a silence and smile to your ornament. The cycle of the world will be a continue like in this, smile and accept a every moment.

Kasai such words sink into the heart when the scene comes to the  mind. Even in this morning something happened with a unique sensation. It is seems that Corona has a given the students an a opportunity to get to know each other. I like to give a sweet welcome to the students rather than a measuring in the temperature of the students standing in the school grounds every day and the sanitizing in them. Students who walk from a distance are instinctively observed a while standing on the school grounds. Reading in the face of every student entering in the school, one struggles to the understand in  the joy or a sorrow of his life. Dilip bhai and Moribhai had been talking about the poverty and the poor financial condition of the students in the staff room for a many days..of which they gave a proof in this morning..two daughters were hurrying to the school door. Measured it is a temperature as soon as it reached in the door. Both a daughters wore in a  masks. One of them wore a very dirty and broken in a mask. Male and hand sewn clothes were proof of her poverty. Before I could say a anything else, I looked at her bare feet. Sahaj asked, 'Son, why are not you wearing slippers?' With a momentary agitation, he said in a low voice, 'Sir.the boy goes to the farm from home (goes to the work) and the pebbles are very hard in the field so my sister is a wearing in a slippers. 

There is a only one pair of the slippers at the  home..I have to the move on the road so I come barefoot. ' The poor financial condition of the house was a evident in the daughter's words. I did not dare to say or a ask anything in a  special. The daughter kept a going to her class..but her poverty reminded me of my childhood. When a life was a running on the broken strap of the slipper and the bottom of the worn in a slipper. Talking about in the condition of this daughter in the staff room and the  immediately the teacher said to the  Nita bahen, 'Brother, new slippers have a fallen in my house, I will be come tomorrow and give them to the daughter ..' Nita ben and I all built the temple of  the virtue with a satisfaction in the smile on the daughter's face was not less than a blessing for us ..!

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