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Thursday, November 24, 2022

How to earn money from whatsapp 2021 | व्हाट्सएप से पैसे कैसे कमाए


How to earn money from whatsapp 2021 | व्हाट्सएप से पैसे कैसे कमाए

How to earn money from WhatsApp Group 2021 By status, stickers, etc. in India: Let's know today how to earn money from WhatsApp 2021 as we all know WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app in the world about which almost all smartphones users know. To date, you used your WhatsApp to chat and video call with your friends. Although WhatsApp currently does not provide any official features so that you can earn money, if you use other websites and apps, then it is quite easy to earn money from it.

On your WhatsApp, you get a good number of users from your friends and hundreds of groups, who can earn a lot of money by selling a product or service. If you work on blogging and YouTube, then first of all you have to give your time, money, and hard work. Only then do you get users, but in WhatsApp, all you have to do is to join or make a group.

How to earn money from WhatsApp

First of all, you need to know what things you will need to earn money from WhatsApp. So first of all you will need a smartphone, Gmail account, internet connection, and many WhatsApp groups. If you are a smartphone user then obviously you will have all these things.

However, you will not have more WhatsApp groups right now, so you have to join more and more groups as well as create your own groups and add members to them. When you have a lot of groups, then you have to use the methods of earning money given below.

1. Make money from WhatsApp by Affiliate Marketing

This is a way that you can earn unlimited money, for this you have to join affiliate programs of big shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, eBay, etc. Today, everyone likes to buy goods online, such people can also be your friends or members of your group.

After joining the affiliate program, you have to create links to such products in which you think your group members or friends can buy them. After this, you have to share the links to these products in your WhatsApp group.

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay
  • Snapdeal

2. Link Shortening

Today, millions of people are making money by shortening the link and this is the way to make money very easily, for this you have to create your account on the website shortening the link. After this, you have to short link the articles or videos which are trending, to share the shortened link in WhatsApp as much as possible.

Whenever someone clicks on the link you have shared, they will see the ad for 5 seconds, after which it will reach the original article or video. In this, the more users click on the link, the more benefit you will get, usually in this, you get paid per click on the link. Also, Below are the names of some short link websites. "How to earn money from WhatsApp" 


3. By Reselling

The Misho app is becoming very popular in the reselling market in India as their entire platform is running on reselling. You must also have seen the advertisement for the Misho app at some time, in such a situation, you will also want to know what is this resolving program, if you want to know about it in detail, you can take the help of Google.

Actually, in reselling, you have to elect a product from the Online shopping Portal. You get a commission from WhatsApp whenever someone clicks on your link and purchases goods online.

This money of commission is sent to your bank account every week.

  • Meesho
  • Shop101
  • Ezonow
  • MilMila
  • Glowroad

4. Take your shop to WhatsApp

Some time ago, WhatsApp Business App has been introduced, which is specially made for the vendors. If you also have a shop, then you can easily take your shop online with the help of WhatsApp Business and you do not need to pay any money for this. "How to earn money from WhatsApp Group 2021 By status, stickers, etc. in India"

5. Referral Program

Whenever a new application comes into the market, it also uses the Referral Program to increase the number of its customers. Many applications in the Google Play Store use the Referral Program so that their users grow as quickly as possible so that they pay between 10 and 100 rupees per referral.

To earn money from this, Also you have to share the download link of some of the below-selected applications in the WhatsApp group. If someone downloads the application from your link and signs upon it, then you get 10 to 100 rupees. If you are using such an application, then you must first know their terms and conditions so that later you do not face any problem in withdrawing money. "How to earn money from WhatsApp"

  • RozDhan App
  • Minizoy App
  • Winzo gold
  • Bigcash App

6. PPD Network

As we all know today the internet has become very cheap and fast in our country. In such a situation, whenever something is trending like audio, movie, video, etc., people try to download it, then here you have to join PPD Network.

After this, uploading trending songs, movies, videos, etc. on your PPD or Pay Per Download network, whenever something trends, people try to download it. Here you also have to share the download link of your uploaded file in PPD in the WhatsApp group, the more people will download the file from your link, the more money you will get.

  • UsersCloud
  • UploadOcean
  • AdscendMedia
  • Sharecash

7. Paid Promotion (How to earn money from WhatsApp)

Today, everyone is using digital marketing to increase the sales of their product and now it is also possible on your WhatsApp. However, for this you will need a lot of WhatsApp groups that have more followers, after this, you can do paid promotions on WhatsApp, what details you can promote from this in WhatsApp is given below.

  • Apps Promotion
  • Promotion of Local Business
  • Website and Blog Promotion
  • Youtube Channel Promotion
  • Facebook Page and Facebook Group
  • Can promote a new product

So now you must know How to earn money from WhatsApp Group 2021 By status, stickers, etc. in India, then Affiliate Marketing is the best, as mentioned above, big bloggers and YouTubers use it. Along with this, you should also try using other methods mentioned in this post such as link shortening, reselling, promoting the product, etc.

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