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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Prarthana Pothi, Bhajan, Dhun, Yog Asan, Mudrao pdf


Prarthana Pothi, Bhajan, Dhun, Yog Asan, Mudrao pdf

Prarthana Pothi, Bhajan, Dhun, Yog Asan, Mudrao pdf

Prayer is, in a way, the place of the heart. And there is also food for the heart in other ways. If we can immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of prayer, many superstitions and dirty resolutions that have accumulated in the heart will slowly dissolve. And auspicious resolutions become stronger and more developed.

Whether we ask for anything in prayer or not, if we stand in the presence of God, then the whole atmosphere becomes holy accordingly. Praying in a group can create a kind of intimacy and soul devotion among those who mingle with it. Prayer is able to create a new consciousness even if the society is lying, lost and fragmented in many ways.

Prayer is the last capital of the human race. If nothing else, prayer can give us patience and new hope. If you have a habit of praying, it is advisable to take refuge in it on difficult occasions and prayer works in the same way as a rubber bracelet or a corkbuch jacket works for a person drowning in the sea.

In every family, if nothing else, it should be customary for all to pray once a day, in the morning or in the evening. This is the greatest education of every nobleman. Just as a person has a soul in his body. We can also awaken the soul in the family, com or organization.

In general, our elders and teachers recommend that we pray early in the morning every day. The idea behind praying first thing in the morning is that we consider it extremely important before we start our daily hectic life. However, if it is not possible to pray in the morning, there is nothing wrong with that, even if we pray at any time of the day.

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