EDUCATION JOB GK UPDATE: Jio Security: Malware Scan, Antivirus, App Lock

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Jio Security: Malware Scan, Antivirus, App Lock


Jio Security: Malware Scan, Antivirus, App Lock

 શિયાળામા ગાજર ખાવાના ફાયદા

શિયાળામા ગાજર ખાવાના ફાયદા

Our phone contains critical data like phone numbers, emails, details like checking account number, passwords, OTPs, personal messages, media files etc. It deserves the protection of a very world class mobile security software.

JioSecurity helps keep personal information private, faraway from the prying eyes of hackers & other malwares.

Download the newest version of JioSecurity antivirus and malware solution for Android devices.


App Advisor ::

  • Giving unnecessary app permissions is risky. These permissions allow the app developer to access our personal file which ends up in fraud & other privacy risks.
  • App Advisor Keeps all of your personal files like pictures, music, videos, checking account details safe by clearly categorizing the apps as privacy risk, high data/battery consuming & safe apps.

ગાજર ખાવાના ફાયદાઓ

  • વાળ માટે ફાયદાકારક
  • હ્રદય માટે ફાયદાકારક
  • હાડકા મજબૂત કરે છે
  • વજન ઘટાડવામાં ઉપયોગી
  • સનબર્ન થી બચાવે
  • આંખો ને ફાયદો કરે છે
  • પાચનતંત્ર ને ફાયદો


ગાજર ખાવાના ફાયદા વિડીયોઅહિં ક્લીક કરો


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