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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

MaskChat-Hides App Download

 MaskChat-Hides App Download | WhatsApp is a platform used by users all over the world. Many times we don’t want the person sitting with us to see our WhatsApp chats. If we don’t like to show our friend or a close person or something that we don’t like to show to anyone else, then we are looking for such a feature to hide the WhatsApp chat from the sitting person. So today we will see about such an app.

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MaskChat-Hides App Download

MaskChat- Hides Chat App

With MaskChat-Hides chat app the person sitting next to you will not see your WhatsApp chats, and you can adopt a special trick for this. With this you will be able to chat on WhatsApp without worry in public places and the colleague will not see anything.

WhatsApp not showing chats

MaskChat-Hides Chat App If you want to hide WhatsApp chats from the person sitting next to you, you can use virtual screen for this. Indeed, you can put a virtual drapery on WhatsApp.

Download the MaskChat App

If you want to put a virtual curtain on WhatsApp, for that you have to download MaskChat-Hides chat app on your Android phone which is totally free. If you want an ad-free experience in this app, you have to take a subscription plan.

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Permission has to be given

A digital curtain will be placed on your WhatsApp with the help of MaskChat-Hides chat app. In such a situation, the person sitting next to you will not be able to do the chat show. With its help you can chat with your friends without worry. However, you have to give permission to use this app.

How MaskChat App works

MaskChat-Conceals talk application fills in as a computerized screen on WhatsApp. This will make a floating mask icon appear on the screen. If you want to hide the screen from anyone, click on this floating icon. This will bring up a digital screen or wallpaper on the screen. You can use any image or size for this. Apart from WhatsApp, this app can also be used for popular messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram.

Download Link

MaskChat App DownloadDownload

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