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Saturday, May 20, 2023

What is Google Street View

What is Google Street View | What is Google Street View | Google Map Street View | Google Street in Hindi | Maps in Hindi | What is google map?

Maps have been used by humans for thousands of years, but earlier people used to use large maps made on paper, which caused a lot of difficulties.

Over time, new experiments and the invention of technology made the map very easy and with the help of internet, today we can see any world map anywhere sitting at home.

But there is going to be more convenience in this too with the help of “Google Street View”, which is going to make your work much easier.

Hello Friends, Welcome to our blog, today we are going to talk about Google Street View, what is Google Street View? (What is Google Street View) What are its benefits? How to use it? Learn about all these things, hope you like it.

Google Street View is an upgraded form of Google Map, on Google Map where we can see any map in 2D, 3D, Setelite and Normal form, whereas in Street View we can virtually go to any place and take 360 ​​degree pictures of it. Can see

Viewing in a big screen or VR, it will look as if you are standing at that place, you can see any place in the map in its real form, although it will not be live footage, but can do a lot of your work easily Is.

Google Street View, launched in the US in 2007, uses VR photography to generate data.

It took more than 11 years for this feature of Google Map to come in India, a few years ago Google started this project in India but at that time it was stopped due to security reasons.

The reason was that if such high quality photographs of all places would be available all over India, then it could be used for terrorist activities at any place, and at that time there were a lot of such incidents happening in India, which Seeing this, it was stopped.

આ રાજ્ય સરકારે પોતાના કર્મચારીઓ માટે મોંઘવારી ભથ્થા માં વધારા અંગે ન્યુઝ વાચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Currently, the Street View feature has been launched as a pilot project in Bengaluru, followed by Hyderabad and Kolkata.

In its third phase, people of big cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Vadodara, Ahmednagar and Amritsar will get its benefit.

Google says that by the end of 2022, this service will be available in more than 50 cities of India.

What are the benefits of Street View?

1. Now it will be much easier to find any place on the map than before.

2. Now we can better understand any place on the map, before this we used to use landmarks to tell anyone about any place, but it was inconvenient at times.

3. Having better information about the place, we can navigate it in a better way, we can already decide any route by looking at the place on Google Map.

4. Private companies like Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy use this technology to run their delivery operations smoothly, which helps in creating new employment opportunities.

5. Schemes like Gati Shakti program can be implemented smoothly on the ground using geospatial technology.

6. Virtual inspection of public places can be done anywhere in India, under Google’s privacy policy, no objectionable thing can be used in it, exploitation of anyone, any kind of hate speech, any person’s private Things like information will not be found here.

7. Before going anywhere, you can see about it, how is that place, what is the environment there, information about all these will also be seen.

How to see any Place in Google Street View

Google Street View is available for computers and smartphones, through the web on computers and through the ‘Google Map’ app on smartphones.

1.Google Street View in Computer

If you want to use it in computer, then follow these tips given below

To use Google Street View, first you have to go to Google Earth’s website, after that you will see a complete view of our earth.

Now here, search any place you want to see in Street View and click on the human icon given at the bottom on the right side.

After this, Google Earth will show the data about the street view of that place as well as highlight its text in light blue color, click on any place you want to see the street view, it will show the street view of that place.

2.Google STreet View in Mobile

If you are using a smartphone, then with the help of google map app, you can easily see any place in 360 degree, follow these steps for smartphone –

  • First open the Google Map app
  • After this search the place which you want to see in 360 degree.
  • Google will show you the map of that place, for street view, click on the icon from the square on the top right, here you will see Map Type and Map Details.
  • Go to Map Details and select the man-shaped option ‘Street View’.
  • After this the map will show the street view of that place, click on any place you want to see in 360 degree.
  • After this, the real image of that place will come to the fore.

At present, there are only a few cities in India where this facility has been started, but gradually this facility will be seen in other small cities and towns as well, where this facility is not available, it will not be seen.

Google Street View Problems and Solutions

Now that it has been relaunched in India, Google is going to complete it in collaboration with two Indian companies Tech Mahindra and Genisys.

1. In recent times, Google’s AI system has become so advanced that it blurs the face of any person standing nearby in the map by recognizing any sensitive place.

2. Recognizes the number plate of a car visible in the picture and blurs it, so that no one can misuse it.

3. If there is a military camp, a government office, or a sensitive place, it will not be included in Street View.

4. The inclusion of Street View is not allowed for restricted areas such as government properties, defense installations and military areas.

Above are some of the reasons which need to be worried about but these have been removed by Google so that people cannot misuse it.

How does Google Street View work?

Google started this project a few years ago in partnership with two Indian companies Tech Mahindra and Genesys to show Street View on the map.

By which, with the help of 360 degree camera system mounted on vehicles on the streets and roads of some selected cities of India, like the picture below, every street of the city was recorded with the help of this device and later this data Processed and made available via Google Street View.

This feature is already operational in many countries outside India, a few years ago Google tried to start it in India as well but it was stopped due to security reasons, due to which the project was closed. Gone.

Initially, ten cities of India have been included under this project, after which the rest of the cities will also be gradually included in the next phases.

For Street View, Google takes 360-degree photos of every location, street, neighborhood, famous place, religious place, inside museums and parks, then it is processed and shown with Google Map.

To accomplish this task, Google uses these high tech devices, with the help of which all these tasks are completed.

One of the main functions of this device is to take a picture in 360 degrees everywhere and this task of taking the picture has to be processed after some time interval after walking some distance.

There are many cameras on the top of the device in a round football-shaped device, which can simultaneously take 360-degree pictures of any place at the same time, this 360-degree picture can capture any place at any angle. Helps to see from

Now as there are different types of conditions in different places on the earth, therefore, different types of means will be required to go to each place, keeping this in mind, it is offered by partner companies in India in different ways. It is fitted on top of all types of vehicles so that its complete picture can be taken at any location.

Below are some such devices which are used to collect data in all countries including India.

Street View Car

The help of street view car is taken on main roads and highways in cities and places where any car can go easily.

There is a camera on the roof of this car, which keeps taking pictures at a time interval, this car is mostly used for street view of cities.

Street View Bag

In places where there is not much space and to travel only a short distance, data is collected with the help of this trolley.

Street View Trekker is a bag with a camera mounted on it, you can roam anywhere by hanging it on your back.

Google Street view trolley

Narrow streets, museums, large buildings where data is to be taken inside a building as well as places where no vehicle can go, this trolley can be easily moved in narrow streets and it can be used to show any place from inside. is the best.

Street View Snow

In places where it always snows, the Street View Snow Mobile is made for such conditions.

It is made to cover snow sports, trekking, snow mountains and icy roads.

Street View Three Wheeler

Street View three wheeler, designed for cities with narrow streets, is set on the back seat of a motorcycle, used to capture precise images of small and narrow streets where large cars cannot pass.

What is Google Street View?
Google Street View is an upgraded form of Google Map, in Street View we can visit a place virtually and see its 360 degree pictures.

How to use google street view?
Google Street View is available for computers and smartphones, through the web on computers and through the ‘Google Map’ app on smartphones.

In which cities is Street View available?
At present, the Street View feature has been started in Bengaluru as a pilot project, after which it will be started in Hyderabad and Kolkata, in its third phase people will be able to visit big cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Vadodara, Ahmednagar and Amritsar. It will be beneficial, by the end of the year 2022, this service will start being available in more than 50 cities of India.

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Do you have to pay to use Google Street View?
No, it is provided for free by Google.

When did Google Street View start?
Google Street View started in the year 2007 in the US.

Conclusion:- So guys, “What is Google Street View? (Google Street View Kya Hai)” How did you like this article about this, do tell us in the comment box below, if you have any question or suggestion related to this topic, do not forget to write it through the comment box, thank you 🙂

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