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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Functions performed by ATM machines

Functions performed by ATM machines

ATM machines allow customers to withdraw cash from their accounts. It is also used to complete 8 financial services.

Card 2 Card Transfer:

In ATM machines of most banks, you get the facility to transfer money directly from one debit card to another. In this way, with the help of 'Card 2 Card' transfer, money can be sent from one account to another without going to a bank branch. The limit of this type of transfer is up to Rs 40,000 in ATMs of SBI, the country's largest bank.

Payment by Credit Card:

You can pay your credit card bill through an ATM machine. Visa card company in particular has provided this service in ATMs of most banks to promote paperless payments.

Pay the insurance premium:

You can also pay your life insurance premium at an ATM machine. In addition to LIC, HDFC Life and SBI Life insurance premiums can be paid through ATM machines.

Check Book Request:

Your check book is full and you don't have time to visit the bank branch. The solution to your problem is to avail 'Check Book Request' at the ATM machine.

Bill Payment:

If you have an electricity bill and you go to withdraw ATM cash, you can pay it from the ATM machine itself. Electricity Boards of most states of the country have listed themselves on ATM machines of banks.

Registration of Mobile Banking:

You want to get all the updates related to your bank account on mobile. You can take the help of an ATM machine to activate this service in your phone.

Change PIN:

You can change your ATM card password online. But if you have ever been to an ATM, you can do this well here too.

આ પણ વાંચો. :-  આ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Transfer to Accounrd 2 Card' transfer, you can transfer money directly from the ATM machine to the account. For this, you just need to know the account number of the account in which you want to transfer money, savings or current.

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