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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Moon Micro Telescope Amazing Video


Moon Micro Telescope Amazing Video

Moon Micro Telescope Amazing Video : Amazing Video App: Today we watch Amazing HD Videos of Moon Shooting by Micro Telescope. This is 36 seconds video clip of the Moon Between Russia and Canada Arctic Ocean.

 In this place, the moon rises on the day and passes in front of the sun, and covers the whole sun for 30 seconds. It’s never before seen video for you so let’s watch the Amazing moon View 360 videos.

Moon Micro Telescope Amazing Video

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Between Russia and Canada where the Arctic Ocean. There is the day when the moon rises and passes in front of the sun and then covers the sun for 30 seconds. after that Immediately it passes through there and disappears.

 This video is shoot from a special type of micro telescope. The original moon can be seen in this video. This “wonderful” view of the moon takes 0.36 seconds.

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તા. 23/05/2024 અપડેટ

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