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Monday, April 15, 2024

This one fruit will cure many diseases, it is only available for 2 months in summer, know its benefits

 This one fruit will cure many diseases, it is only available for 2 months in summer, know its benefits

 The heat has started.  At such times, many new fruits are being seen in the market.  One of them is the mulberry fruit.  This fruit will be seen in the market only for one or two months.  But its benefits are such that you will get tired of counting.  Very effective in stomach disease, nervous system etc.  

Mulberry fruit is considered to be full of medicinal properties.  Mulberry has a special place in Ayurveda.  Dr. Hazaribagh AYUSH Department in this regard.  Makarand Kumar Mishra told Local 18 that several types of nutrients are found in the mulberry fruit.  Which helps to keep the body healthy as well as fight against many diseases.

The doctor further states that cyaniding, phytonutrients called glucosides are found in mulberry.  Which works to filter the impurities in the blood.  Apart from this, blood circulation is maintained.  Mulberry helps a lot in mental development.  Mulberry is found to be cytoprotective.

આ એક ફળ કેટલીય બીમારીઓ ખતમ કરશે, ઉનાળામાં ખાલી 2 મહિના મળે છે, જાણો તેના ફાયદા

The doctor further said that this fruit is very useful for curing diseases related to the nervous system.  Apart from this, mulberry also has properties that stimulate the process of making insulin in the body, due to which it is very helpful for people who are struggling with diabetes.

Doctor Makarand says that, apart from all this, mulberry is considered very effective in reducing weight, keeping the digestive system healthy, improving eyesight, maintaining facial redness and relieving stress, strengthening hair, etc.  In total, the fruits obtained in these two months are very useful for the body.

(Disclaimer: The advice given in this article is for general information, News 18 Gujarati does not endorse the same, consult doctors before acting on any advice)

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