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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Waiting for saffron mango? So read this

 Waiting for saffron mango?  So read this

AHMEDABAD: The season of mangoes is here, but the market is still not seeing enough goods and the prices are skyrocketing because of the weather.

 Bad weather has affected the mango crop in the state.  Mango blossoms fell due to unseasonal rain.  So the income of mangoes has decreased by 20 to 30 percent compared to last year.

Since the beginning of the month of Chaitra, the heat increases, similarly the price of saffron mangoes in the market also reaches the sky.  Along with Navratri, the demand for mangoes increases during festivals like Ramzan Eid and Chetichand.  As the season begins, the prices increase by 30 percent.

 Traders selling fruit in Vastrapur area of ​​Ahmedabad say that the price is increased by Rs 200 to Rs 230 per kg.  The price of both saffron mango and hafus is approximately Rs 200 per kg.  This year the quality of saffron mangoes is also known to be unsatisfactory due to unseasonal rains and poor weather conditions.  According to the retailer who distributes the fruit, the price of a box (box) of 5 kg of mangoes starts from Rs 700. While the price of a box of 9 kg is Rs 1400.

કેસર કેરીની રાહ જોઈને બેઠા છો? તો આ વાંચી લો

 Mumbai News has spoken to Talala's farmer before.  According to him, mangoes had a very good income last year. We distributed saffron mangoes in the markets of Ahmedabad.  The estimated price of a 9 kg box is around Rs 2 thousand which is less than last year.

Lovers of saffron mango flavor no longer have to wait long for their favorite mango.  The sweet mellow saffron mango, considered the queen of fruits, has arrived with a bang.  However, people may find it a bit expensive to taste saffron now.  Junagadh marketing yard has finally started receiving saffron mangoes.  800 to 1000 box income in Junagadh marketing yard

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