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Friday, June 14, 2024

Useful for every home, get 1 ton solar AC for just Rs 12,000, get free cooling for 25 years

 Useful for every home, get 1 ton solar AC for just Rs 12,000, get free cooling for 25 years 

 Sweating does not stop in this scorching summer climate, so the heat is relieved only when we are enjoying the cool air in the air conditioner, but the electricity bill remains our biggest tension, if you are also worried about the electricity cost, today we are your  So we have come up with a conditioner that will reduce your electricity bill by 99%

A solar air conditioner that harnesses the sun's rays and provides a cool breeze not only reduces your electricity bills but also provides you with non-stop cooling and is also safe for the environment.

Although the cost of solar air conditioners is higher than normal air conditioners but it also gives you benefits for long years, it is only a one time investment plan.  If you install it once it will be of great benefit.

You will not have to pay the electricity bill for decades without any additional cost and it is also very easy to maintain

દરેક ઘર માટે કામનું, માત્ર 12,000 રૂપિયામાં લાવો 1 ટન સોલાર AC, 25 વર્ષ સુધી મળશે મફત કુલિંગ

If you also want to buy a ton solar air conditioner for yourself, its starting price in the Indian market starts from ₹90000 and the minimum down payment is only ₹12000, which you can easily buy in installments.

It is very beneficial which saves you from electricity bills in the long run and is also good for the environment.

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