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Thursday, January 7, 2021




 Scholarship examination for Std. 6 and Std. 9 students has been announced.  The date for filling the form is 8-1-2021 to 27-1-2021.


 Students studying in Std. 6 can give * Primary Scholarship Examination * PSE. 


Student studying in standard 9 can give primary scholarship examination * SSE. Students studying in government, grant aided, private school can fill up the form.
 Students who come to Merit are given scholarships by the government.
 All the details of this exam, details of filling the form and old papers of the previous year can be found from this education website bookmark here.

 Please send this message to all students studying in standard 6 and standard 9 and their parents.


Matter of filling up the forms of PSE for Std. 6, SSE for Std. 9 and NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) for Std.6
  Matter of Scholarship Examination conducted by State Examination Board, Gandhinagar for Std-6 and Std-9.


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They read the adjectives, trying to figure out exactly what the name or adjective was.  Asked: “Brother, what else is special?  I said: 'Look, the superior says:' You are joking!  Names are all adjectives.  'In their minds they adapted the adverb beautifully, understanding the meaning of varu, definition.  





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Then the games started again. Adjective, give or not? "To read and separate the nouns and verbs. I said: * The definition is given! After the rest of the grammar, I gave a new game:" Look, boys. I will not learn the definition given inside, and you bring what I ask in the exam. " You shouldn't ask that. You ask the paragraph. "" Bring a pencil. "The upper master says:" I don't have an examination in this subject. Boy, bring a pencil. Levi, I have to introduce this method in the whole school. Gokhi died. "I brought a pencil at night.When our master did not know us, he would hit me."

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