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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

નાગ પાંચમ વ્રત કથા અને પૂજા વિધિ | Nag Panchami PDF In Gujarati


નાગ પાંચમ વ્રત કથા અને પૂજા વિધિ | Nag Panchami In Gujarati

Naga fifth puja ritual

Shravan vad-5, the fasting person washes his nahi in the morning, ties a serpent's snake on the paniyara, makes a ghee lamp and worships it, has the offering of kuller kneaded in cold ghee of millet flour, eats the previous day's soaked math, mung, millet, cucumber and pickle.

It is an Indian tradition to worship the eagle flying in the sky, the snake or the snake that slithers on the earth. On the auspicious day of Shravan Vad Pancham, Bhavathi Naga Panchami is celebrated from home to home in the country and Gujarat.

On this day, especially on the east facing wall of the male household, the figure of Naga deity is painted with red kanku or black. After that, runi divot necklaces are made and pasted on the replica at both ends, which is called nagla.

After that, Kanku-rice is offered and the snake god is worshiped. Shrifal is also mixed. The men make ladoos of millet flour, ghee and jaggery, and spread the prasad.

A householder who worships contributes to the health of the kullar. In Be-Tal Shirole Ladu and Kakadi villages of Maharashtra, a live snake is taken out in procession on Nag Panchami, while in some places the female section of the family also observes the 'Nag Panchami' fast by eating tadh jami and kuller.

People worship the serpent as their father. So that one's family members are not bitten by any animal or reptile class, everyone gets protection from them, today's parve naag is considered sacred. The farming class in the country worships the serpent, wishing it to protect their crops.

Charmalianag (Chokdi) Vasukinag (Than) Seshnag (Disa-Dhima), Gonga Narayan (Dahod) Bhujio Dungar (Bhuj), Arbudanag (Ambaji-Abu) Nagnath (Jamnagar) Seshnarayan (Somnath Prabhas) are well known Nagatirthas in Gujarat.

It is customary to worship the snake-serpent in all religions and sects.

"He who worshiped the snake-serpent, his country became great by adopting animal-love-non-violence peace"

Nag Panchami Vrat Katha

There was a Doshi. There were seven sons and seven daughters-in-law in Doshi's house.

Nani - No one in Vahu's pier, so everyone gave him Nabapi...Napi'ri Kari Meen. Don't finish eating and drinking and leave all the work to the daughter-in-law! Sarad's grandparents came.

Cows and buffaloes milk pudding was cooked at home. Everyone in the house got full and ate. He did not invite his daughter-in-law to dinner.

The daughter-in-law had climbing stairs. He feels like eating pudding. But what to do? The mother-in-law said: 'Ali Napi'ri! What are you looking at? Don't you eat a mess after eating more or less?'

The daughter-in-law got up, looked in the pot of pudding and was shocked! His eyes watered. Hungry, she went to eat on the river with the rocks of the pot.

As he ate the pot, his eyes went to the pudding pan. He took a pan and scooped out the sticky kapoda in the pan and tied the rope to the end, thinking, "I won't wash and eat."

At that time, a snake's sight fell on a kapoda tied in a saddle. He had climbing stairs. He got the price of kheer kapoda. It came and ate silently.

The daughter-in-law did not come, if you look in the saddle, you will not find any clothes! Nagan was watching all this secretly. He thought that he would scold me.

But the daughter-in-law said: 'There will be someone who is sad like me. Even though she has eaten, let her stomach be satisfied as my stomach is satisfied.

Nagan was happy to hear that. Coming to the daughter-in-law, he said: 'Sister! I have eaten your cupboards. Say, what's wrong with you?'

The daughter-in-law did all the talking: 'Mother, there is no one in my pier. That's why everyone likes me. They do not give food.

Right now I am having a good time, there is no one to fill my lap! Nagan felt pity.

Nagan started saying: 'No, Betty, you will not cry. From today, treat us as your dears, when you want to fill your lap, put the kankotri near that raft.'

Harakh is not in the mind of the daughter-in-law. As if she found the mother of religion, she went home satisfied. The day has come to fill the lap of the daughter-in-law!

Everyone started talking in the house: 'He didn't get dry in the pier. Why open it again? He said to his mother-in-law: 'Baiji! I have distant relatives in Pierre, write Kankotri!'

A poor neighbor said: 'What goes into writing a piece of paper? Write it down!”

The daughter-in-law brought the kankotri and placed it near the Rafda.

It's time to fill the lap. The mother-in-law taunted: 'Don't worry! Chule Andhan Melo, now the bridegroom's pearls will come. The boys will fill the box and bring it!

At that time, Nagana, Nagadevata and Nagakumar came. They filled the box and brought diamonds, gold ornaments. Everyone's mouths were closed, no one could speak or walk! The stove lit up a real fire.

The serpent gods said: 'Put milk for us; We are milk drinkers.'

Milk pans were placed in the adjacent room. The snake gods drank the milk.

The lap began to fill.

He gave the son-in-law as much as he wanted diamond-cuts, gold-silver, diamond-ruby. The parents-in-law were shocked.

Nagadevata said: 'Turn now! After childbirth, we will leave for a quarter of a month.

Turn the daughter-in-law. The serpent gods started walking with the bridegroom. He said: 'Sister, don't be afraid. Walk behind us.'

All descended into a large cellar.

If you look there, see the big palace! The daughter-in-law was pleased, sat on the walker and started swinging. So Nagan said: 'If sister! Consider these serpents as your brothers.

Eat, drink and be merry, but one thing you must do: ring the bell in the morning, afternoon and evening so that all the snakes will gather to drink milk, it is your job to milk them regularly.'

Days passed and a god-like son appeared to Nanivahu. The boy grows up day and night! He grew up more than that.

One day the little daughter-in-law went out to fetch the boiling milk. The boy went to the sports milk. There he saw the bell. The boy rang the bell; The cobras came running there.

If you see the serpents, you will be a boy. The bell fell from his hand. The bell fell exactly on the questions of two serpents, so their questions were cut off! Others went to drink milk but hot boiling milk. The mouths of the fathers were burnt! Nagakumaroto Bandia and Buchiya have become!

When Nanivahu came from outside, the silver serpents became bandia and Buchiya! But what to do? What do you call a little boy? But the serpents were filled with rage and began to say: 'We will bite your boy.'

At that time, Nagmata arrived and calmed down the Nagakumars, but revenge did not go away from their minds! The day came to take the daughter-in-law to her father-in-law.

Dressed as you like. Nagmata gave a gold hearth and said goodbye, saying: 'If you feel sad, come here.'

The mother-in-law saw the boy and hugged the bride-in-law, but the other brides-in-law thought that this must be done, so the other brides-in-law started getting angry with her.

Now it occurred to those Nagkumars that, here we are bitten by Nagamata, but who will bite us there? Mother-in-law came to bite the young daughter-in-law with a knot in her mind and hid under the bell.

The daughter-in-law came with a boat full of water. Coming to Umbra, he stumbled, so he remembered his Bandiya-Buchiya brother.

Say it: 'Khamma O my Bodeya-Buchiya Veer.' Nagakumar thought that how much the sister still remembers us!

The next day the daughter-in-law went to fetch water, the serpents also went with Chanamana, the son-in-law got hurt on the step. The daughter-in-law spoke again: Khamma! My Bandia-Buchiya Veer.'

Seeing so much love from his sister, Nagakumaro changed the thought of biting and started walking from there.

One day, the boy playfully spilled the mother-in-law's milk jug. She turned red and said in a huff: 'You are spilling the milk of our rank, you belong to Big Peer, tomorrow you will bring cows and tie them, but what will we do?'

Naniwahu felt wrong. She again took the boy to Nagamata and told her grief.

Nagmata kept her for two days and said: 'Beti! I will not worry. Go home and make a garden! I will send the cows tomorrow.

The daughter-in-law made a paddock at home, at that time the Bandia-Buchiya brother brought a lot of cows. The sister's paddock was filled with cows.

The sister embraced the Nagkumars saying 'Brother, brother!' He gave the cows that grew when the paddocks filled up to the Jethanis. The Jethanis were pleased. The whole house rejoiced.

Jai Nagadevata! Jai Nagamata!

Fruits like Nani Vahu, fruits to us!

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