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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Can the FASTag of one car be applied to another? Find out here what will happen if you sell the car

 Can the FASTag of one car be applied to another? Find out here what will happen if you sell the car

From today, if you have to cross the National Highway, it is mandatory to have FASTag in your car, otherwise be prepared to pay double tax. FASTag has become mandatory for all four-wheelers across the country from 12 noon on 15 February. If you have not yet installed FASTag in your vehicle, apply it. There are a lot of questions going on in people's minds about FASTag so far. The National Highway Authority has answered many such Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Question- Is there any kind of discount on FASTag payment?

A- Any user who pays at Toll Plaza through FASTag gets 10% cashback. This cashback amount is refunded from their FASTag account within a week.

Is it necessary to take a separate FASTag for each vehicle?

Ans- Yes, you have to take FASTag separately for each vehicle.

Can one vehicle's FASTag be used in another vehicle?

No FASTag is on after submitting KYC documents for each vehicle. Assuming a FASTag is purchased for a car and used in a truck, such a FASTag will be blacklisted. Users are advised to never do this.

Question: If I have lost my FASTag, what will happen to the account balance in it?

Ans- You have to call the customer care of the company which announced FASTag immediately and block it. Wherever you take a new account, the company will transfer the remaining amount to the new account. So your money will be safe.

Question: How do I know if the correct money has been deducted from my account?

An SMS arrives on your mobile whenever money is deducted from your FASTag account. Apart from that, there is a display for how much the fee is at either plaza. On which complete information of toll fee is written.

Question- I live within a 10 km range of a toll plaza, do I need to take FASTag.

Yes you will need to take FASTag even then, you have to use FASTag LAN and if you want cashback you have to do this.

Question: What if I shift to another city?

A- FASTag will run at every toll plaza in every country. When you change cities, you should call the customer care of the company that started FASTag and update your address.

Question - Can you use more than one FASTag in one vehicle?

A. You will never be able to do this, it is strictly forbidden. Users may face a problem if more than one FASTag is used in a vehicle.

Question: What if I sell or transfer my car?

A- If you have sold your car or transferred it to someone, you only need to notify the company that declared FASTag.

Question: Can FASTag be used anywhere other than the National Highway?

Answer: The state government also plans to expand FASTag for highways. At the same time, FASTag is considering increasing its use for parking charges and other roadside amenities.

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